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landscape maintenance

Mowing Services: Our mowing services are second to none. We have an eye for detail that sets us apart from the rest. We can maintain the residential home to the vast fields of a sports complex. We have a fleet of machines from small push mowers to large industrial riders available to serve you. Generally our mowing, trimming and clean-up services are done on a weekly basis. Areas of the turf are cross cut or mowed at different angles where applicable to avoid grass matting. Trimming is done around trees, curbs, or other areas to provide the “neat & tidy” image. Finally any grass clippings are blown off paved surfaces to leave the property spotless and of course we pick up any garbage found on the lawn. We normally cut turf around 3-1/4” during the normal growing season and the final "fall" mowing is a bit lower. The mower heights can be adjusted for certain drought periods or other circumstances that may occur.

Shrub trimming: Shrub trimming occurs twice annually; once in May/June and again inAugust/September. Trimming twice annually promotes new blooms and helps shrubs fill in and grow better. Gas trimmers are used where possible. We also have the capability to trim by hand.

Spring clean ups: Spring clean ups are done at the beginning of the season to clean up properties from winter waste. The grass is dethatched, garbage is picked up, and remaining leaves are cleaned up.

Fall clean ups: Fall leaf pick ups are timed as needed from late October until the snow falls to clean up the bulk of leaves on the properties. Our crews take the time to clean as many leaves from all those tight little spaces behind the AC, under the bushes, and elsewhere to ensure a spotless service. We can also clean out all your flower beds from the year’s growth to provide a fresh start the following spring, not a matted wet mess.

Fertilization and weed control: Fertilization and broadleaf weed control solutions are applied four times annually to promote healthy turf growth. As turf growths thicker, it has more ability to choke out weeds. Weed control is also available for mulch, stone, and flower beds as well as turf.

Edging: We edge sidewalks and curbs once annually to cut grass growth away from sidewalks. This service is separate from the string trimming we do on sidewalks and curbs during the mowing season to keep the manicured image.

Aeration: Core aeration is done to allow more water, fertilizer, and air to reach the roots of the grass to help stimulate growth. We make certain to mark any underground sprinkler heads or invisible dog fences to avoid puncturing with the aerator tines.

Overseeding: Overseeding is usually done in combination with aeration. This service allows new seeds to germinate and helps the turf to grow thicker and fuller.

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